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Two a.m. crawls out from beneath
the bed, passes over dry eyes,
I want to climb through the screen
and claw my way down
your throat, in search of the source
of the words that make my teeth
I want to insinuate myself into
your spine, spreading my nerves
tense along yours, to feel the electricity
that crackles beneath your skin. I want to break
brittle bones and reset them
with your marrow to become the easel
such beauty is crafted upon. I imagine
the brush of your eyelashes
in the static buzz of the monitor
against my finger tips, soft and
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 2 0
New Age
There's something about lying awake
in the cool, quiet creeping dawn
rain storm like the drumming of impatient fingers
wrapped tightly around my wrist
An easy shift of linens and limbs
and I press my cheek to his
the night's stubble scratching between jaw lines
new silver and self-consciousness invisible
in the dim blue light
Photographs watch from old walls
frozen images of the dead and gone,
the up-and-coming, the barely changed
surrounding us in time
A sleepy hand brushes pale-streaked hair back
away from my face, a gentle gesture
practiced and perfected to the point of habit
raindrop patterns on window panes
casting age spots over soft faces
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 1 0
On Loneliness
They are noiseless against the parked car
Warm tire tread pressing into bony backs
Eyes locked on the single bright pin-point
Hovering along the horizon of bruised sky
Suddenly, words tumble unbidden, uncontrolled
Cracked lips spilling all, bared against cutting wind
Pain and pressure and and confessions of horror
Emptying a river of bile into open air
Heads heavy with tired trepidation
They clamber into the busy back seat
Nestling amongst cotton knit mountains
Tangled arms heating frail bodies
Sleep comes slowly, frost glazing glass
Before raw eyes can finally close
The promise of sun remains, however distant
Colder stars to be conquered first
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 2
There is a couple, fresh-faced and
oblivious to my groping eyes, intent
as they are on each other.
Eyes shine in the dying light
sunset over still water, a postcard
perfect night for love. Park benches
begin to empty into melancholy,
a sorry state of affairs. I watch
for desperate grips, watch
for kisses like last breath
inhales. Expensive perfume drifts on
a late summer breeze, an invisible advertisement
for late summer lust.
She pulls him closer, small hands tucked into
his back pockets, a tell-tale square
imprinted against the denim.
Nothing is sacred. Everything
is bare bones and screeching rubber.
A forgotten novel provides cover to my curious
stare; she is a deer in neon lights, illuminated.
Hips press forward unbeknownst to owner,
he grins, mouth full of teeth pressed to
shimmering hair. Under yellow-green street lamps
sputtering on in dawning darkness, they cling
to one another, drowning. I am
entranced, revolted, refuged--
everyone's an exhibitionist, but
voyeurism is our expe
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 2
Mature content
Doll Face :iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 2
Sole Mates
Like the girls in her poem
we stayed locked in conversation
into the woolly hours of heart-breaking dawn,
cigarette smoke whipped into the tangles
of our hair.
Heads full of acid and grass of questionable quality,
we trade memories back and forth--
thoughts exchanged like a joint
passed between long-time lovers.
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 1 4
Death of Art
The death of art is a lofty claim
Especially when so much of art is death
Or as the tarot deck so often reminds us, “change”
But sometimes, change is forgotten in pockets
Or spent on a college degree
And all that remains are our words
Cuz see, last time I checked
Words were free
A renewable resource available to all who
Can dig them up
Polish them off
and put them to use
Some of us have been taught in brick buildings
Some of us have been taught on the streets
Some of us have never really been taught
At all
But we speak the same language
Whether scribbled down or spoken aloud
Everyone’s looking for a new turn of phrase
In a few words and a cup of coffee
Or a composition framed in a diploma
Cuz see, last time I checked
We all want the same thing
We all want to live on
Make a difference
Speak our minds
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 2 3
i do not FEEL it
i AM it
i AM that which fills me
i AM the void it is filling
i AM the SPACE BETWEEN two bodies
i AM black hole eating white light
i AM the destroyer of stars
the creator of void
i am a pinpoint
           filled by a solid
and that sound!
i am not hearing it
i AM it.
pre-nerve connecting to ear,
funneling sounds into
BLACK HOLE of the brainpan.
i am impossible geometry
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 1 2
Smells Like...
This here is classic like plastic
Smells like 45s rollin’ out
Smoke filled grooves
Smells like raspberry splatter paint
Smells like raspberry incense
-my incense is higher than yours
smells like burnt fingernails
smells sticky like sex, singed or not
smells like seven people in a cramped bathroom
-dryer sheets and a box of rain
smells like resin and hair particles
(Not mine, of course)
smells like spring snow and second floor acrobatics
applause unnoticed on an ice covered balcony
smells like roaches in the carpet
lonely survivors of a smoky holocaust
smells like Ophelia in a knit hat
green and blue and pink and ---
smells like crushed white pills
smells like sticks and cones,
                   bricks and bones
smells like dinosaur sandwiches on wheat bread
-I agree with this tuna fish
smells like a broken reindeer
every light gone out
smells like a broken table
super glue or BUST!
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 1 2
A room
A white room
Spartan with the need for detachment
A room to assure
To assuage any doubts of normality
He stands, motionless
Wide eyes reflected in the blank television
Bed meticulously made behind him
Long fingers twitch
Long lashes strike razor blade cheek bones
The stirrings of a symphony in dress rehearsal
She clings to the door frame
Afraid to cross such a threshold
Dark hair hangs in damp ropes down her back
Towel clenched in tight fists as she takes a step
Puts a hand out--
A room
A faded room
And the people who used to live there
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 0
Sound Familiar
Sometimes it seems
That there are no words left
That it is simply not possible
That every combination I can create
Every phrase, every composition
Every careful construction of language
Has not been thought up before
Put to paper and page before
Has not been brought to life before
It seems that anything I produce
Is a remix, an echo
Of something greater
Something that has already been done
A story that has already been told
So I sit and scribble
Hunched into the creases
Of an old Marble bound
Making up new ways to say
Everything that has been said before
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 0
Motion of Emotion
Motion of Emotion
Something about the morning stillness
The cashmere mist and the fact that it wasn’t
still at all --
Makes her hesitate on the cement block balcony
Cigarette dangling from white fingers
Shadowed eyes hone in on the pulses of life that run
Through the fabric of the landscape
Earth and man and lamp post and sea,
Concrete and ants and ground cover and grass
That hasn’t seen a week of sunlight
Birds ripple across the grain of the patchy lawn
Arguing over slow worms exposed by rain
Fluttering of wings a momentary disturbance
In the tranquil waves of the trees
she exhales blue smoke and memories of the night, thinks--
Maybe  it’s easier to notice the movement, change
When everything is already in motion.
She reaches into the pockets of her tattered robe
Extracts a crumpled cigarette despite
a nearby robin’s high pitched protest
pulls out a handful of dirty Bics
selects one, lights up and smiles:
funny how an evening that ends in revelations
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 7
Despite the gates
The world keeps getting in
Birds dive bomb outside classroom windows
Kamikaze pilots abandoning missions
At the last minute
Rabid imagination mutters pending legend
A dark stammer, a discordant song
Roses that die before opening
Are lives half lived
It’s holding smoke in your hands
Caught on thin fingers like thread
Taste tomorrow
Remember the early petals
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 1 8
Beneath the crackle of the TV
woven amongst  whispers left by trees
she hears it
winding down the hallway
The cry is faint
the voice fragile
yet she has been trained, drilled
nerves rewired and redirected
She stands
cocks her head to the side
turns her feet toward a door left ajar
time lapse results in escalation
sobs become wails
become shrieks
she slips around the door frame
banishes demons with a flick of the wrist
small arms wrap around her neck
tales of haphazard flying and feathers
sharp beaks and angry eyes
barnyard chatter related through hiccups
in a language even she doesn't know
she listens silently, reassured
recites routine placations
salt dries on small flushed cheeks
as she replaces precious cargo
and the tiny storm subsides
she rearranges blankets around limbs
settles the cheerful zoo keeping company
and turns from the room, smiling
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 2
left over fall leaves
brush up against old buildings
girl huddles against harsh chill
under sputtering street lamp
starless sky stares down
offers up no protection
wind stirs memories
girl looks out over city
towards distantly lit windows
a pin-point of light
revealed by retreating clouds
hard and white and real
girl shoves wild hair back, closes eyes
makes one silent, hopeless wish
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 3
Art of Box Soup
Find a friend.
(A good one is preferable)
Convince them to make soup.
(Must be Noodle soup from a box)
Retrieve large pot.
Add 5 cups water to pot.
Stir in two eye-rolls.
(One left, one right)
Turn on stove.
Bring to boil.
(Don't burn it)
Add one packet bouillon.
Add one packet soup.
All noodles are necessary
(Be sure to get them all)
Sprinkle in dried dill weed. Liberally.
Add parsley for appearances.
Minimize exasperation.
Add love, to flavor.
(But not too much)
Stir some more.
Simmer for six minutes.
Retrieve ladle.
Distribute soup.
(In mugs, never bowls)
Wait for it to cool.
:iconxscreamxmyxnamex:XscreamxmyxnameX 0 2

Random Favourites

Shiver Me Timbres
Shiver Me Timbres
Grab up ye, me pantaloons
And shift a little to the port side
Knocking boots in the Cap'in's quarters
We be Riding rough upon high tide
So Speak ye dirty in me ear
And Let loose yer cannons fire
You'll swab me deck and light me fuse
Whilst I rub down yer ship's desire
Yo hoe hoe, and bottle of rum
Tie me to the mast with rope
Make me walk your slippery plank
To get me wet, I hope I hope
Slam me back against the wall
Consume me tongue if e'er I laughed
Pull me down against your sword
And screw me In the Aft... of the boat
:iconlookingglassgirl:LookingGlassGirl 1 10
Make Me
Look down, lift up
Push away with tugged hair
Metaled wrists pull up
As you push back and press down
"Make me stay, make me say"
Tickling tongues arch the back
you pushed down harder
theres no where to go
breath quick, but deep
"Make me push, make me moan"
Dig th nails deep
smile as she pushes back
she can't go anywhere
And you know it
"Make me coil, make me gasp"
Bite down
Trickle away
Scratch past
Lean Back
"Make me undone, make me scream."
"Make me yours"
:iconcitara:Citara 4 7
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I Won't Be In My Bed Tonight
Basking on the clouds
and scribbling love letters
on the stars for you
to see painted on your eyelids
while you're asleep and dreaming
of better days and
not-so-lonely nights.
Swimming through the lullabies
sung to little girls by the fireflies
they caught and kept in their mind's eyes
to be seen again
while they're asleep and dreaming
of wedding days and
star-filled, cloudless nights.
Dancing in the fields
where he will take his boyfriend
to show him that he will never be alone again
because the moon will always be with him
while he's asleep and dreaming
of loving days and
quiet, caring nights.
Yes, this is where you'll find me
if you look into my eyes
as darkness takes the skies
and sprinkles it with lights
while i'm asleep and dreaming
of sunny days and
other people's nights.
:iconxsilentlyxbrokenx:xSilentlyxBrokenx 1 2
Slurps... by Proximus1 Slurps... :iconproximus1:Proximus1 3 11



United States
Current Residence: Outside Philly
Favourite genre of music: Rock, of pretty much any sub-genre
Favourite photographer: My sister
Favourite style of art: I do enjoy words.
Operating System: Snow Leopard
MP3 player of choice: Pod.
Wallpaper of choice: Something from DA, usually.
Skin of choice: Someone else's.
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon and Co., GIR, Foamy and Co.
Personal Quote: "Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained."
  • Listening to: Adele
  • Reading: Moll Flanders
  • Drinking: Water
Hey DA. How've ya been? Haven't been real active at all in the last few years, mostly because all of my writing has been papers. But I graduate college in less than a month, and I'm hoping to really get back to it.

Hope to see you soon :)


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